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Visitor Management System


This application is designed to identify, register and control visitor traffic in schools, hospitals, banks, Government Sectors and commercial or public buildings in general. Visitor Management System is a self-contained system with web cameras used to capture images of visitors and their information.

The images are recorded in the system and, after obtaining entry clearance, a custom pass is printed to allow visitors access to authorized areas, during the date or time period approved.

This system, efficient and easy to use, is designed to control visitor activity in restricted areas, keep track of the number of people who remain inside the building at a particular time of day, pre- register visitors, and have access to the daily, weekly or monthly volume of visitors, among other functions.

Soft Bill (A Complete Billing System)


This software is designed for Billing and Maintaining the stock. You can use this software in below stores : => Retail Shops, Jewellery Shops, Garment Shops, Book Shops, Sports Shops, Electronic Shops, Computer Shops, Sweets Shops, Restaurant Shops, Pizza Shops, Shoes Shops, Bakery Shops,

Sallon Shops, Furniture Shops ,Beauty Shops, Toy Shops, Ice Cream Shops, Dry Fruits Shops, Grocery Shops, Saree Shops, Super Market Shops

QRCode Generator


This app is developed to generate and scanning of tokens (QRCode Based) for cement industry.
=>Generate the 1008 Tokens at a time
=> Generate PDF of Tokens
=> Print Tokens and distribute

=> Scan Token through mobile
=> Record of Used and New Tokens

Time Attendance and Payroll System


Tracking time and attendance of the employees are very important in corporate world as it forms the basis for many HR activities like Payroll. It is very important that employees meet the required time schedules. Our software helps you manage your employee's time and attendance data effectively.

Our solution that simply tracks employee punches is only the first step, not the final destination, on the way to reducing payroll inflation and manual errors. Our software enables you to track, manage, and control employee time and attendance for uncompromised workforce management.


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